1. Connect to our server with the IP: mc.wubcraft.com
Hey guys,

As many of you know we have been running into some network issues and some users have been attacking the network, we are working to resolve these issues and prevent further downtime in the future.

There isn't really much to say other than that, but I am working to resolve the issues and Wubcraft will be back up as soon as possible.

Thanks for understanding,
- Tizakk​
Hey guys,

Today I have decided to make the disguises, pets and particles the same across all the servers so you will now be able to use those that go with your rank on the other servers, this is not fully complete yet but that's the plan.

I have updated the Buycraft with what rank gets and you will also be able to purchase additional cosmetics on the store.

I have also added some more Worldedit commands for the donators in Creative & we will be introducing VoxelSniper to creative soon aswell. (If you want to learn how you to use WorldEdit or VoxelSniper then you can research it on YouTube, some very good tutorials.)

That's all for now,
- Tizakk​
Hey guys, so some of you guys have noticed I have made some changes today, here are some of them:
  • We have downgraded Creative to 1.8 for performance upgrades and to resolve problems with players not being able to connect and getting kicked on 1.10.2+
  • We have added a head database for elite+ ranks to use in creative on your builds, these made very nice finishing touches.
  • We have updated the tab for all servers to display various details.
  • We have added the permissions for /msgtoggle & /skull for Creative.
  • We have also made various other updates.
We are working on bringing new servers to the network that have been requested and the ones that are just completely messed up and boring.

All future servers will be build from 1.8 and allow up to 1.10.2+ to connect for simplicity and efficiency.

- Tizakk​
Hey guys,

I have been thinking about the staff and have realised while thinking that some of the reasons for the bans that are being made are absolutely ridiculous and I am here to announce that we are changing that.

From today, all the bans will be reset and we will be implementing an auto-ban system across the network to prevent hackers from cheating and ruining others fun, these bans will be given out at 7 days to prevent false bans lasting forever and if you are not answered in a ban appeal then it will only give you a 7 day ban this should not happen a lot as the anti-cheat doesn't have many false positives. If we see that it's banning people without cheating then we will have to revise this system.

I have also done some updates to the forums, added a thread rating system and updated/fixed some stuff.

Thanks for the support and patience.
- Tizakk​
Hey guys, I have been busy today updating creative fixing issues and adding more updates, it's the first server running 1.9.4 and all the others will soon to catch up.

Some of the issues fixed / updates added:
  • All 1.9.* blocks and updates have been applied.
  • Fixed /gamemode glitch.
  • Fixed not being able to do loads of things. (ie. Place water & lava.)
  • Added all the particles for Supreme Rank.
  • Added all the pets for Supreme Rank.
  • Fixed some lag issues. (testing)
We have made a forum for suggestions on all our servers so if you have any suggestions or ideas to improve the experience for players then drop a thread in the forum and we will read them all.

- Tizakk​
I have now got access to the old Buycraft page that stores all the previous donations and if you were planning on upgrading your rank it should now work, purchase the next rank up and it will take away what you have donated already.

We are also running a 30% off sale this weekend.

Thanks for the patience,
Hey guys, today we have reset factions bringing a better experience to factions and with new things that have not been seen before.

What have we changed?
  • The whole map has been reset with no building in the nether and end.
  • All player data has been reset.
  • New Auction house to sell your things.
  • New shop, new economy.
  • New Faction top system displaying the factions with the largest amount of spawners in their claims.
  • All ranks now have donations perks and the perks have been updated for the ranks.
  • There is now flat bedrock on the whole map.
  • New crates system added.
  • New custom plugins have been added to make some of this stuff possible.
We are also now supporting PaymentWall and Bitcoin in the Buycraft webstore, which will give you more options to checkout with, it's better for the EU regions and people that want to use pre-paid cards.

Get 40% off the store this weekend with this reset, use coupon "factions40".
More things will be added soon, if there is any bugs then be sure to let me know!

Hello Wubcraft, today the creative server completely broke and I took the opportunity to revamp creative adding donator perks for the donators and just updating the server.

Here is what I changed:
  • Updated the permissions to not inherit, because that's not fun.
  • New 128x128 plots!
  • Updated to 1.8.8 so all the 1.8 blocks are now available.
  • Added Disguises for donators, the higher the rank, the more you get.
  • Added Particle trails, the higher the rank, the more you get.
  • Added WorldEdit for Legend, Overlord & Supreme.
  • Added some fancy chat stuff.
  • Added pets for donators, higher the rank, more you get.
You may notice that we have no spawn in Creative, I have left it up to the players to make it and the best on that I pick will get a $100 Buycraft voucher, send me a message with screenshots!

I am also working on factions, prison & skyblock, you will see new revamped servers coming soon and if you have any suggestions then I would love the hear them and provide frequent updates, these servers that are non-pvp based will be updated to 1.9 in the future when stable things get released.

I will also be updating the Buycraft rank descriptions as I add new features.

I know it hasn't been the smoothest release, but now it seems to be all up and working fine, I thank you for your patience.

If you are wanting the old creative map, you can download it here.

- Tizakk​
We have now fixed the emails not being sent and all accounts awaiting email approval have been updated so you can post on the forums.

Hello Wubcraftians,

I'm making this post today to announce that I am retiring from wubcraft as an owner, the server has been my pride and joy for the last 4 years of my life and I have had the greatest time running it and improving it. Recently I have not been enjoying running the server and it has effected my life in negative ways, making me very stressed and depressed IRL. I still have a lot of pride from wubcraft as it's my baby, I created it from the ground up but because of my undying love for it I am handing it over to Alastair (Tizakk) who has shown to me that he will take good care of the server from now on and you can expect a lot of positive changes in the future as he is much more motivated than I ever was.

Ultimately it was a great ride, being able to travel and even being able to meet some of you guys in person:
Thanks to everyone who supported me along the way, you have honestly changed my life and put me on a path to one day to great things, I can't thank you all enough. I may be leaving wubcraft but I will never forget it. Perhaps you'll still see me on the server every now and then but the server is now in better hands moving onto bigger and better things.

Love you all - signing out.

- DubstepCraig