by DubstepCraig at 6:52 PM
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Hello Wubcraftians,

I'm making this post today to announce that I am retiring from wubcraft as an owner, the server has been my pride and joy for the last 4 years of my life and I have had the greatest time running it and improving it. Recently I have not been enjoying running the server and it has effected my life in negative ways, making me very stressed and depressed IRL. I still have a lot of pride from wubcraft as it's my baby, I created it from the ground up but because of my undying love for it I am handing it over to Alastair (Tizakk) who has shown to me that he will take good care of the server from now on and you can expect a lot of positive changes in the future as he is much more motivated than I ever was.

Ultimately it was a great ride, being able to travel and even being able to meet some of you guys in person:

by Tizakk at 1:06 PM
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Hello Wubcraft,​

Today I am going to announce that I am going to be the new owner of Wubcraft and DubstepCraig has resigned.

I plan to completely rebuild the network and bring it back to it's former glory with loads of features, increasing the donator features for existing donators, resolving issues and just making a fun server again.

I will not be changing the staff team or changing/removing any ranks.

Slowly I will start rolling out changes to the server, you can find these changes in the "updates" forum and they will also be in the main page of the forums.

If you have any questions, you can PM me here on the forums or message in-game, you are best to PM me on the forums because I can't reply to everyone and it gets a bit overwhelming.

This is a new forum: you will need to signup again to post.